Amusement Parks in Nagpur

Visiting or touring a city need not be limited to visiting historical places and historical sites of importance. As a city develops and progresses, it needs to keep pace with the rapid changes occurring in the society and the world itself. A city has more to offer besides being a tourist spot with parks, monuments, museums and religious shrines. Tourists and residents often seek entertainment and fun from the monotonous life and enjoy a day outing with family and friends in a serene ambience. Amusement parks are fast becoming popular among the city circuit as a means of providing entertainment and fun on the move. Spread across a huge area with fun rides, tourist spots for day outing, food courts, aqua theme zones and pools, clubs with options of dance and partying, the fun is never ending in these Amusement Parks.

Nagpur City is a treasure house of such amusement parks spread across the fringes of the city’s outskirts and offering the tourists and residents an opportunity to enjoy themselves by visiting any of these theme parks. Designed for kids, children and teens and youths, accompanied by friends and family can chill out from a day’s work at these entertainment zones throughout the year and on weekends and holidays.

Amusement Parks in Nagpur

Highland Park

To begin with, Highland Park is an ideal holiday or weekend getaway destination for children, adults and youths in their teens. Situated 15 kilometres from Nagpur on Amravati road; with international standards and excellent ambience of a theme park, this amusement zone offers a treat, a resort, food park with fun rides and water park clubbed into one. Imagine diving into the pool from scaling heights atop the slides and splashing water all around or lazing around in the wave pool riding on the cool blue waves swishing past. Sumptuous treats, innumerable games and rides, rain dance floor, the entertainment is never ending.

With Go Karting and unique rides along with a challenge zone to test a person’s skills and limits, Highland Park is exotica full of surprises. With wet and dry rides, gaming zones, restaurants earmarked for kids, family and youths, this theme park tries to suit the palate of every genre. Parking space, rest rooms, locker facilities, swimming costumes on rent, a visit to Highland Park in Nagpur is highly recommended.

Fun and Food Village

Fun and frolic simply cannot be limited within the premises of Highland Park. Fun n Food Village is a competitor in the amusement park circuit, situated barely 35 kilometres out of Nagpur in Bazargaon village. Built in 1999, on a similar outlook, with 235 acres of space, a water park and theme park as well, this amusement park can accommodate 10,000 visitors every day. Food parks, aqua park with water rides, gaming zones, tube rides, slides, wave pool,17 Luna park rides, paddle boat rides, family rides, Fun n Food Village is a delight for holiday goers with residential accommodation. Sprawling greenery and lush lawns with cycling zones marked for cyclist, it’s an ideal holiday retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Children Traffic Park

Children with their ever increasing study pressure, activities, do not get the time to play around nowadays. Children Traffic Park is a path breaker in offering these children and kids with a breather space within the city. Children Traffic Park, Nagpur is a beautifully designed to enable children to develop a sense of traffic signals and prevent themselves from road accidents. Designed with traffic poles, lights, signals, mini footpaths and signs on the boardwalk, this theme park tries  to make the children aware about road safety. This amusement park is an entertainment zone for kids in the evening who ride cycles, mini scooters, bite on a candy or lick ice creams accompanied by their guardians. Youngsters also like to catch up with their friends in this park. Located near Bhawaghar Layout, close to Dharampeth-VIP road; the park will initially be mistaken as a part of a road or busy street itself in Nagpur. The entry fee is nominal.

Children Traffic Park Nagpur

Other Amusement Parks in Nagpur

Besides, Krazy Castle Aqua Park and Ocean Aqua World also provides ample opportunities within the amusement park categories, situated close to Ambazari Lake in Nagpur. These water theme parks entertain their visitors with endless water rides and gaming zones, food parks, especially kids, adults and youngsters. Family and friends can party out and have fun on weekends at these holiday retreats in Nagpur, resplendent with amazing entertainment facilities.

Next time, on a visit to Nagpur, don’t miss out on the fun of checking out these amazing amusement parks and theme parks offering endless fun and thrill. Come visit today!
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