Auditoriums in Nagpur

An auditorium is basically a room that is built for the purpose of enabling audiences to watch and hear performances at certain venues like theatres. Movie theatres can also be considered as auditoriums where the screens serve as auditoriums for the audiences. The term auditorium has been derived from Latin auditoriums meaning hearing. The concept of building rooms for the purpose of watching performances has been taken from Greek auditoriums which had semi9-circular seating that were divided by belts that were very large.

Auditoriums in Nagpur

Modern Auditoriums in Nagpur

The people of Nagpur are considered to be very fun loving and recreational and this is the reason why there are a large number of auditoriums found in Nagpur. The auditoriums in Nagpur serve to be the best examples of modern auditoriums because of their structure and also because of their seating arrangement. A proscenium arch is found o be very common in the Auditoriums in Nagpur which helps in separating the audiences from the ones who perform at the auditorium. Different other structures of stages are also found in other Auditoriums in Nagpur. The seta charges also vary according to seat quality and also according to viewing quality of stage. The main parts that are included in the seating areas of modern Auditoriums in Nagpur are as follows:

Arena or stalls

An area that is low and flat and it is found usually at a similar level or below the stage.

Galleries or Balconies

Galleries or balconies are found towards the back of the auditoriums and these are areas that are slightly raised. In auditoriums that are very large, the balconies are found behind or above the stalls at multiple levels and stacked vertically. Grand circle or dress circle is the name given to the very first level followed by The Gods which is the name given to the highest level or the upper circle. The upper circle is usually found in opera houses that are very large. These houses consist of seats that are not only high but they are arranged at a very long distance from the performance area or the stage.


The modern Auditoriums in Nagpur also consist of boxes that are placed at the side, front or even above the stage level. Boxes serve as separate room that possesses an open area for viewing and they seat only a few people. Boxes are considered to be prestigious in auditoriums and there are many Auditoriums in Nagpur that also consist of royal boxes and state boxes meant for dignitaries.

Uses of Auditoriums in Nagpur

The Auditoriums in Nagpur are used for several purposes. They serve as an effective tool that can be used for the purpose of arranging events like seminars, cultural programmers, plays, debates and various other programs meant for the knowledge, fun and recreation of the people of Nagpur. The Auditoriums in Nagpur are brought into use all round the year. Auditoriums in Nagpur are of different types such as Open-air auditoriums, mini auditoriums, indoor auditoriums and even seminar halls meant for the students of Nagpur. The seminar halls also work in the form of auditoriums but they are much more comfortable for the students because the students can carry on with their activities very smoothly and also very easily.

The seminar halls in Nagpur that have been designed in the form of auditoriums attract a large number of students who flock together and share, explore and discuss knowledge in their learning areas. The Auditoriums in Nagpur are very well equipped. All the Auditoriums in Nagpur are air conditioned and their maintenance is also taken care of in the proper manner. These auditoriums are not only equipped with air conditioners but at the same time they are also sound proof, possess the latest technology that help in the proper presentation of video and audio programs. The Auditoriums in Nagpur possess the ability to manage upto five hundred people at a time. They serve as great centers of learning and fun activities since they contain computerized systems of working, a podium, LCD projectors and a very good sound system.

Best Auditoriums in Nagpur

There are many auditoriums in Nagpur but the ones that are considered to be the best possess all the facilities required by the people of Nagpur. Some of the best Auditoriums in Nagpur have been listed below along with their contact details:
Relish Function Hall: Central 11th Avenue, Maharashtra, India.
Raj Laxmi Natyagrah: Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.
Town Hall: Mangalwadi, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.
Tejaswi Rao Bhosle Sabha Griha: Nagpur, Maharashtra, Nagpur.
Vasantrao Deshpande Hall: Near Amdar Niwas, Civil Lines, Nagpur- 440001, Maharashtra, India.
Kusumtai Wankhede Hall: North Ambazari Marg, Dharampeth, Nagpur- 440010, Maharashtra, India.
National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning: Amravati Road, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur- 440010, Maharashtra, India.

The Auditoriums in Nagpur are very comfortable and they also serve to be the best place for the people to enjoy any kind of event.

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