Bakeries in Nagpur

Everybody loves to eat yummy bakery products. In Nagpur, the feasts and parties can be said to be incomplete without serving bakery items. There are a number of bakeries working to serve the people in Nagpur, who love bakery goodies. Cakes And Cookies, Anand Bakery, Saroj Bakery, Icing on the Cake, K Square Bakeries, Jubilee Bakery, Paris Bakery, Kumar Bakery and Kwality Bakery are few of the popular bakeries working in Nagpur. The bakeries in the city are the favorite of the people belongs to every age group. However children and youth are the majority of the customers visiting the bakeries in the Nagpur city.

Bakeries in Nagpur

Hygienic Bakeries in Nagpur

The bakeries in the orange city of India are famous about their hygiene and services. The yummy bakery goodies of Nagpur are prepared in hygienic conditions. All the bakeries working within the city consider providing the best sweets and fruits as their primary aim. The quality of the desserts available in the Nagpur bakeries is as nice as its flavor. The quality of food ensured in the Nagpur bakeries make the people of Nagpur regular consumers of bakery food.

Popular Bakeries in Nagpur

The list of some of the famous bakeries in Nagpur is compiled below:

Cakes and Cookies

It is one of the famous bakeries in Nagpur. The “Cakes and Cookies” products include different cakes, chocolates and biscuits. It can be considered as one of the best locations in Nagpur to share happiness and joy with the friends and loved one. The management of the bakery experiments new shapes and flavors in the cakes prepared within the bakery.
Address: No 62, New Ramdas Peth, Near People Gym, East High Court Road, Nagpur - 440010
Phone number: (0712) 2530203

Anand Bakery

It is one of the best places in Nagpur, serving authentic Indian bakery items. Indian jalebi is the most popular sweet prepared in the Anand Bakery working in the Sitabuldi, in Nagpur. The mouth watering cakes prepared in the bakery are the favorite for the kids in the area.
Address: Near the Loha Pool, Sita Burdi Road, Sitabuldi, Nagpur - 440012
Phone number: (0712) 2529799

Icing On The Cake

The Icing On The Cake bakery is a popular destination of cake lovers in Nagpur. The bakery is one of the perfect locations to celebrate the joyful occasions. The sweets and cakes are prepared here by the best experienced chefs in Nagpur. The Icing On The Cake opened in the year of 2006 became very popular among the people in Nagpur within a short period of time.
Address: Shop No 2, Imperial Court, Near to the Traffic Park, Bhagwaghar Layout Road
Dharampeth, Nagpur - 440010
Phone number:  (0712) 6625666


Cake-links bakery working on the Nandanwan Main Road, in Nagpur is mainly focusing on the preparation and delivery of different kinds of cakes within the city. The yummy cakes made in the cake-links, Nagpur is a common item served for the parties and celebrations organized here.
Address: Kirti 1 Complex, ICICI Bank, Nandanwan Main Road, Nandanvan Colony, Nagpur - 440009
Phone number:  9503971100

Jubilee Bakery

It is a hub of sweets and chocolates in Nagpur. The majority of the customers of the Jubilee Bakery in Nagpur are children and youth. The shop has been treating the people in the location with sweets and cakes for years. Maintaining the high quality of bakery items since the beginning of the shop makes Jubilee Bakery a special name among the Nagpur bakeries. There are two outlets of the Jubilee Bakery in Nagpur.
Address: A 1 Dhadiwal Cmplx, Chhaoni, Katol Road, Nagpur - 440013
Phone number:  (0712) 2591244

Address: Near St Josephs Convent School, Mohan Nagar, Nagpur - 440001
Phone number:  (0712) 2539620

Manbhari Bakery

This is a favorite location of the sweet lovers in Nagpur. A variety of sweets are prepared and sold here. However the people mostly visit this shop to enjoy the hand crafted cakes made here. The Manbhari Bakery in Nagpur assures the use of best and nutritious ingredients for the preparation of the sweets.
Address: Main Road, Jaripatka, Nagpur - 440014
Phone number:  (0712) 2655828

Taubys Cake Shop

The Taubys Cake Shop working on the Sadar Bazar, in Nagpur is one of the bakeries in the city having a large number of regular customers. All the features of the sweets sold here, including the taste, color, and shape are accountable in attracting the customers to the bakery. They are also famous as one of the prominent retailers of the eggless cake in Nagpur. The cake delivery facility provided in the shop widens the area of services available in Taubys Cake Shop.
Address: SJTI Complex, The Residency Road, Sadar Bazar, Nagpur - 440001
Phone number: (0712) 2557173, 3207173, 3205098

Offers in Nagpur Bakeries

All of the Nagpur bakeries present so many offers to attract the customers during certain seasons. The season of festivals is the best time to eat from the Nagpur bakeries. On the season of festivals the bakeries in Nagpur strive to provide attracting offers to the customers. The offers provided in the Nagpur bakeries include discount on prices, buy one get one, discount on certain package of items and so many others. The bakeries in Nagpur cannot be considered as just the places selling biscuits and cakes. Many of the bakeries in the city have started to provide catering services. They deliver the sweets and desserts in bulk amount foe the receptions and parties conducted here.
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