Blood Banks in Nagpur

Blood Banks in Nagpur

Today Nagpur, like any other metropolitan city, is burdened with humongous demand of fulfilling array of health needs. One such critical health need is blood, which is unarguably one of the critical health elements to sustain human life. The humongous demand for blood in Nagpur is obvious as the city is home to hordes and hordes of hospitals, where thousands of critically serious patients are admitted on daily basis. This humongous demand for blood is, needless to say, met through many reputed blood banks in Nagpur.

List of Blood Banks in Nagpur

Ayush Blood Bank and Component Lab
9th Floor A Wing Lokmat Building, Ramdas Peth,
Nagpur – 440010,
Phone no: (0712) 6618666.

Government Medical College and Hospital
Near Hanuman Nagar, Medical Square,
Nagpur – 440009,
Phone no: (0712) 2744672.

I G M C Mayo Hospital Central Avenue
Central Avenue Road, Nagpur - 440008                  
Phone no: (0712) 2728622.

Rainbow Blood Bank
282, Central Bazar Road, Ramdaspeh,
Phone : (0712) 2528686, 2560101/2/3, 2524257.

Jeevan Jyoti Blood Bank & Components
1st Floor, Wing 2, J P Chambers, Madhav Nagar
South Ambazari Road, Nagpur – 440001
Phone no: (0712) 2231660.

Daga Hospital
Fawara Square, Gandhibagh, Nagpur - 440002                    
Phone no: (0712) 2729202.

Lifeline Blood Bank
Neeti Gaurav Complex, Ramdaspeth, Lokmat Square,
Nagpur – 440012
Phone no: (0712) 6618222.

Lifeline Blood Bank Lokmat SQ
Lokmat Square, Nagpur,
Nagpur – 440001
Phone no: (0712) 2536170.

Life Line Blood Bank
Neeti Complex, Central Bazar Rd, Ramdas Peth,
Nagpur – 440010
Phone no: (0712) 2536171.

Hedgewar Blood Bank
West High Court Road, Dharampeth,
Nagpur – 440010
Phone no: (0712) 6657777.

Sainath Blood Bank
1st Floor, Manoj Building, Near Gurudwara, Central Bazar Road, Ramdas Peth,
Nagpur – 440010
Phone no: (0712) 2420024.

Yashodhan Blood Bank Ramdaspeth
Ramdas Peth, Nagpur, Ramdas Peth,
Nagpur – 440010
Phone no: (0712) 2522469.

Shri Sant Blood Bank
Dhantoli, Nagpur, Dhantoli,
Nagpur – 440012
Phone no: (0712) 2552035.

National Blood Bank Lokmat Sq
Vijay Bhavan, Wardha Rd, Lokmat Square,
Nagpur – 440012
Phone no: (0712) 2522422.

Super Specialty Hospital Blood Bank
Near RST Cancer Hospital
Ph: (0712) 74 6681 Ext. 215/284

City Blood Bank
Dwarka Sadan, Opposite Daga Hospital, Gandhi Bagh
Nagpur-440 002
Phone no: (0712) 76 1351

RST Cancer Hospital Blood Bank
Manewade Road, Tukdoji Chowk
Ph: (0712) 74 8155/ 74 4441

ESIS Hospital Blood Bank
Somwari Peti
Nagpur-440 009
Ph: (0712) 74 4767

Wankar Blood Bank
Rajkamal Complex,
Panchsheel SQR, Wardha Rd,
Nagpur 440 012
Ph (0712) 52 3902/ 6053.

Mure Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
Near Maharaj Bagh, Sitaburdi,
Nagpur 440 001,
Ph. (0712) 52 3220

Eye Banks in Nagpur

As of today Nagpur has only one eye bank, which in fact is eye bank cum eye hospital and is in fact one of the leading eye hospitals in entire Maharashtra state.

Mahatme Eye Bank & Eye Hospital
2163-C, Chintaman Nagar, Somalwada,
Nagpur - 440015 
Phone no: (0712) 2289101.

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