Deekshabhoomi Nagpur

Deekshabhoomi is a holy landmark of Buddhism where Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, changed over to Buddhism also with 5,00,000 adherents on 14th of October, 1956. Ambedkar's change to Buddhism was a critical matter for numerous in India. Deeksha actually implies 'demonstration of ordaining', and the Bhoomi implies the 'ground'. So, truly Deekshabhoomi implies the ground where individuals got appointed as Buddhist. This religious mass transformation at one place was first ever in the history.


Deekshabhoomi is one of the two spots of extraordinary achievements in the life of Dr. Ambedkar, an alternate being Chaitya Bhoomi at Mumbai. Deekshabhoomi is located in Nagpur, in Maharashtra, an area viewed as a journey focus of Buddhism in the country of India. A large number of explorers visit Deekshabhoomi each year, on the Mass Conversion Ceremony Day and 14th day of every October, the commemoration day saw the conversion of Dr. Ambedkar.

Get to know about the cause and establishment:

Ambedkar had recently proclaimed that despite the fact that he belonged to a Hindu family he might not part to the heavens as one, as change was the answer for forsake the position system. After this presentation, he broadly mulled over the regulations of the real religions to pick Buddhism for all of his followers. Ambedkar deceased on 6th December in the year 1956. Nonetheless, this stylized transformation proceeded after his demise, changing over millions of people by March 1959. After his passing the samiti was ordered for the administration of Deekshabhoomi.

What next?

The trustees chose to assemble Stupa at a spot as a landmark of that service and a large convention of his followers to Buddhism. In addition to the Vihara, a Bodhi Tree is present. Anand Kausalyayan carried these extensions from the country of Sri Lanka and these were considered as a remembrance of Buddha's illumination. Ambedkar had taken 22 vows on the grounds of Deekshabhoomi.Iniside Deekshabhoomi

Travel and Tourism at the dikshabhoomi:

This place has always been a spot for patronage for the Buddhists but it has also become the most magnetic tourist spots for both the indigenous tourists as well as the vacationers from other countries over the world. Deekshabhoomi is acclaimed for its compositional excellence and chronicled imperatives. This place can be considered as one of the best place for tourism for provincial and outside visitors. Each year, many visitors visit Deekshabhoomi, particularly on the commemoration of the transformation ceremony. On Pravartan Din in Dhamma Chakra, almost a million Cassettes related to Ambedkar development and Buddha melodies are sold at this holy place. A large number of books are also sold in distinctive dialects are in a solitary day. All this makes this area an exceptional place in the country. The net worth of the books sold on this very day is worth crores. Foreign visitors come mostly from the religion of Buddhism or Buddhist nations, for example, Thailand and Japan. It is a quite renowned place.

Its a must visit place for all and throws a great light into the knowledge spread by Babasaheb Ambedkar.
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