Driving License in Nagpur

Driving License in Nagpur

The increasing number of road accidents warrants a serious self-examination on the side of every road user on the ways of making driving a relatively safe experience. It is the responsibility of each one who drives on the road to make driving a safe affair. The first and most important step towards responsible driving is nothing but obtaining a valid driving license.

How to get driving license in Nagpur

Like all the other states in India, people who have attained the age of 16 years are eligible for applying driving license. But, they can drive only vehicles that are below 50 cc with parents’ consent. People, who completed 18 years, can apply for driving license to drive personal vehicles with more than 51cc.  Those, who want to apply for driving license to drive transport vehicles, should complete 20 years.

Like all other states in India, Maharashtra Government also gives permanent license of the appropriate class only after the successful completion of a driving test conducted by the RTO. If the applicants are failed in the test, they can request for a retest but only after a period of seven days.

How to apply for driving license in Nagpur

Obtaining driving license is a two-step procedure. They are
  • Learner’s license test
  • Permanent driving license test

How to get learner’s license

As the first step of getting driving license, you have to apply for learner’s license.

The forms required
  • Form No 1: Medical Certificate in which you need your photograph and a Doctor’s attestation
  • Form No 2: Application for learner’s license
  • Form No 3: Application in duplicate

Documents required
  • Age proof: Photostat copy of Birth Certificate, School or College Certificate or Passport with original for verification
  • Residence proof: Photostat copy of ration card, electricity bill, telephone bill, election ID card, passport or LIC policy or Property Tax receipt or payslip issued by Govt. (if Govt. employee)
  • Four passport size photographs among which one is to be affixed on Form 1
  • Rs 15 are the required fee for each category of vehicle.

Along with the form, the applicant gets the book on rules of the road regulations. When he/she submits the filled form with sufficient documents, he/she will be questioned on traffic signs, signals and rules. Those, who give satisfactory answers, get the temporary driving license or learner’s license from the office of the Regional Transport Officer.

The people, who get learner’s license, can start drive the vehicle that they applied for, but only with a license holder beside you. And the sign ‘L’ should be painted on the front or back of the vehicle in red colour. It has validity of six months.

How to get a permanent license

If the applicant becomes expert and fluent in driving, he can apply for permanent license after a minimum of 30 days from the date of issue of the learner’s license.

The documents required
  • Form 4
  • Original valid learner’s license
  • Three stamp size photographs
The applicant should bring the category of vehicle he has applied for at the time of test and he should drive that vehicle according to the directions of the officer. If he pass the test, the form will be stamped “Test passed” and directed to the License Issuing Authority for permanent driving license. The license will be sent to your address or you can collect it directly from the concerned RTO’s office.

There are several driving license consultants in Nagpur who taught you driving as well as help you get license easily and fast.

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