Electricity in Nagpur

Electricity in Nagpur
Spanco Powerplant in Nagpur

Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) and Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) serve as the main suppliers of electricity throughout Maharashtra and they are also considered to be the most developing electricity regulator and utility provider in India. There are many internal reforms initiatives that have also been taken up by these organizations. The organizations have done a commendable job in reducing commercial and technical losses and in bringing about discipline in the commercial sector. In order to further strengthen the method of reduction in loss and analyzing the advantages of the new technology that has come up, the organizations have together devised the model of Private and Public partnership. A distribution franchisee that is input based is a model that has been devised by the utility. This serves as a benchmark where the rates of energy input will be planned by MSEDCL and the trajectory of loss reduction will also be expected annually.

Basic Information about Electricity in Nagpur

Nagpur is an important part of Nagpur and Spanco is a company that has emerged successfully in winning the contest of power distribution bid in Nagpur. Spanco serves as the main power distribution company in Nagpur and it covers the Urban Circle area of Nagpur city. The role of Spanco is to provide services in the field of efficient power supply, highest level of satisfaction among customers and to bring about a reduction in losses.

Spanco has won the bid for a time span of fifteen years and it is the company’s duty at present to serve 4 lakh people for a time span of fifteen years in Nagpur. Nagpur’s bid at the contest was 5350 crore which served to be the highest. The revenue in Nagpur city is 38 crores at present and the distribution losses are more than 30 percent. Spanco will serve as DF for 15 years in Nagpur and the company anticipates a 10 percent growth in revenue annually. Bringing down the losses in distribution and increasing the overall efficiency in distribution of power will be the key focus of the company while it serves Nagpur.

Role of Spanco in the next 15 years

There will be specific roles served by Spanco in the field of power distribution in Nagpur. The main areas and the main points that Spanco would look after are as follows:
  • Improvement in the method of metering, making the bills and collections (MBC).
  • Distribution of transformer indexing in relation to feeders (GIS).
  • Consumer indexing in relation to GIS and distribution transformer.
  • Creation of meter reading that is automatic (AMR), providing infrastructure for carrying out metering in an effective manner and the total calculation of supplies and energy input.
Information technology serves to be very important in the supply and distribution of electricity and the information technology sector of Spanco is great. It is an added advantage of the company in its field of procuring Electricity in Nagpur. Spanco ranks second in India in the RAPDRP projects which are executed in two states are plans of executing these projects in three more states are in progress. This is the reason why Spanco uses its information technology in the supply of Electricity in Nagpur quite effectively.

Spanco uses its information technology feature in making the business process automatic, in the management of commerce and revenue, in making the distribution system automatic, in the management of customer relationship and in bringing about a reduction in losses. The other bidders in the contest of getting the power distribution agency in Nagpur were CESC, Indu Project, CGL, SMS, A2Z, GTL, Reliance, Tata Power and India Bulls.

Spanco Providing Electricity in Nagpur

Spanco serves as DF or distribution franchisee in Nagpur and it has entered into a contract of fifteen years. The range of Spanco’s services in Nagpur include providing power supply that is reliable, customer services that are improved, side management for small things and greater efficiency. Spanco has assured that it would serve its best in upgrading the network properly so that it is able to meet load growth and at the same time Spanco also makes it a point to address any kind of deficiency found in its system of working.

The main aim of Spanco is to transform Nagpur into model franchisee in the country possessing universal standards in the distribution of power without any kind of interruptions and fluctuations. In order to increase the level of customer satisfaction, a very practical redressal mechanism has been devised by Spanco that will take care and resolve the issues of the customers and meet their grievances satisfactorily. Spanco will also be responsible for the process of metering, making the bills and the collections from the customers of the area under its supervision according to the rates that have been fixed by Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Service Objectives of Spanco in the Distribution of Electricity in Nagpur

  • Minimizing commercial losses and aggregate distribution.
  • Improvising the method of billing, metering and collection of revenues.
  • Minimizing assets.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction by improvising service quality.
  • Achieving the target of meeting up side demands.
The areas covered by Spanco in Nagpur city are Mahal Division and the Gandhibagh Civil Lines. Major responsibility of Spanco is the provision of quality power to all it customers without any sort of interruption and fluctuations. Spanco has always achieved great success while working in the form of a distribution franchisee and this is the reason why Spanco has remained in the sector of power distribution for ten long years. The company has also worked very closely with organizations like the State Electricity Boards and has done a commendable job in helping them become efficient by the use of information technology.

Spanco is also found to do a great job in bringing about great modernization in the State Electricity Boards of Goa, Bihar, Chandigarh and Punjab. The main vision of the company is to come up as a redoubtable force in the field of Services and Technology in Power Sector. The company has good knowledge, expertise and experience in the projects of technology infrastructure of the telecom and government sectors and this is something that works as an added advantage for Spanco in its current job of distributing Electricity in Nagpur.

Reliance Power

Another great company that has made its significant contribution in the field of supplying power to different parts of Nagpur is Reliance Power. Reliance Power in Nagpur came into existence with only 150 employees working for it initially. The company provides services in power generation, current generation, scheduled generation and installed capacity to various parts of Nagpur. Reliance Power is also making its way towards achieving great success in providing power to Nagpur city. The success rate of Reliance Power is increasing day by day and this is evident from the fact that the number of employees working for Reliance Power have increased considerably. Reliance Power has not yet managed to come up as an effective competitor for Spanco but he efforts that this company is making in the field of power distribution is commendable.

The supply of Electricity in Nagpur is very consistent and the people of Nagpur never complain of any problems that they face with power supply.

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