Exhibitions in Nagpur

Despite being popular and commonly known for its industrial belt and educational institutions including some best engineering colleges, Nagpur is less popularly known as being the largest metropolis city in Central India. Similarly, Nagpur is also the hub of winter session for the Maharashtra State Assembly and it is placed in 3rd position, right after Mumbai and Pune as the most populous city in Maharashtra. Nagpur has also recently topped a survey poll as the best city to live in with a green cover, public transport, healthcare and living standard, literacy.

Also known as Orange City for its huge orange cultivation belt, equally popular for its Tiger Reserve, Nagpur has a tropical to wet and dry climate. With the Information Technology breakthrough it is a fast developing city on the fringes of Maharashtra.

Exhibitions in Nagpur
Fashion Exhibition in Nagpur

Exhibitions Shows in Nagpur

During the months of September to February, several exhibitions are organized in Nagpur. The subject of these exhibitions varies from automobiles, industrial equipments, garments, paintings, travel and many more. These exhibitions are quite popular with the residents of Nagpur and its neighbouring areas as well. Now, Nagpur has so much in its booty to offer tourists and its citizens as well. The city witnesses a lot of these exhibitions throughout the year with various products, services, companies attracting lot of crowd and customers to the exhibition venue. Let’s have a look at some of the exhibitions and fairs organized in Nagpur City.

Tana Bana Exhibition

One of the popular exhibits organized in Nagpur City for the last 8 years since it was inaugurated in 2005. Exhibitors and vendors from all across the country pay a visit to this city with a wide array of their paraphernalia held at Rajwada Palace in the month of September every year. Tana Bana boutique situated at Ajni, Nagpur displays a massive and vibrant collection of sarees, apparels and dress materials from all states of India.The exhibition is worthwhile with innumerable visitors thronging the event to view their paraphernalia and unique collections and purchase them as well.

Exhibitions in Nagpur

Fashionista Lifestyle and Fashion Exhibition

With abundance of fashion apparel and designer clothes and garments; an exhibition is organized in Nagpur with celebrity and professionals attending the show and discussing their views on this issue over a period of 3 days. The show attracts a large gathering from socialite housewives, women and adults from all strata of society. The items on display include cosmetics, fragrances, jewellery products, scarves, sarees, and watches.

Women’s Shopping Carnival

Women are considered best consumers hence the Women’s Shopping Carnival held in Nagpur in the month of January is a great meeting ground for these consumers to admire the exhibit and purchase them. Products like home appliances, consumer goods, household items are put on display at this exhibit.

Times Gehena

Wedding exhibitions like Times Gehena Nagpur, is organized in the month of December to address the complexities involving arranging a wedding. With their wedding planners, accessories, grooming sessions and wedding related stalls, the expo tries to resolve the headache of many concerned families intently making marriage preparations in confusion.

Trade Fairs

Among the Trade Fairs and Expos organized in Nagpur, mention must be made of IITE or India International Travel Exhibition, which allows citizens of Nagpur an exposure to visit various stalls from all the states of India and overseas as well to encourage tourism with travel brochures, pamphlets, details about cost of travel and so on. This is organized by CII in the month of January.

Holiday Expo

Another Travel and Tourism exhibition organized in the city in the month of October every year to promote tourism and encourage tourists to consider travel as a leisure activity.

Agrovision Expo

This exhibition is held in Nagpur to promote and spread the agricultural development notion among farmers and agriculturalists. Calling all, who are engaged in farming, agriculture, irrigators; the show tries to enhance the knowledge and output of the farmers by encouraging them to use high quality seeds, advanced technological equipments for tilling the soil and promote use of fertilizers. Workshops and conferences are organized to educate the farmers and make them aware about using the right process of cultivation. This expo is held in the month of January in winter, which is a popular season for organizing fairs.

Indiamart Indexpo

This exhibition is yet another exhibition organized in Nagpur city in the month of January and February to promote industrial plants, equipments and machinery used in industries to enhance development.  The expo offers a meeting ground for corporate executives and entrepreneurs and policy makers from various parts of the country and share their ideas and views on the topic. Engines, tools, equipments are all displayed at the exhibition pavilion.

Hence Nagpur is quite a place to visit for tourists who might not be aware o the city’s colourful background. The commercial hub is developing by leaps and bounds to reach a new level of achievement in the country’s development.

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