Hospitals in Nagpur

Hospitals in Nagpur
Fortis Hospital in Nagpur

Today the Orange city is home to countless and hordes of hospitals. Some of which today are considered amongst the best hospitals in entire Central India region and also stand as powerful symbol of Nagpur’s unprecedented economic prosperity.

Today these hospitals in Nagpur are like cradle of hope for millions of patients from Central India, who here are treated with best of doctors, most experienced nursing staff and technology that is best in the industry. In fact going by the fast growing reputation of Nagpur based hospitals across the country, Nagpur’s stature in the healthcare industry is destined to reach great heights. 

Hospitals in Nagpur are committed to provide excellent & critical care service in emergencies. Even in times of Corona crisis they are serving Covid 19 affected patients. Prompt and efficient ambulance services are very much helpful in meeting the emergency situations in time. These multi-specialty hospitals with comprehensive diagnostic facilities committed to patient comfort and satisfactions. Apart from hospitals there are blood banks to serve the patients in need.
Given below is brief information on all the prominent hospitals in Nagpur. These hospitals are the most sought after hospitals in the entire Central India region. The below list includes all types of hospitals: right from Government hospital to Private multi specialty hospitals, from Cancer to Heart hospitals, and many more.

Government Hospitals in Nagpur

Government Medical College and Hospital
This is a renowned college cum hospital and is one of the most sought after hospitals amongst all the government hospitals of Nagpur. Its decades of immaculate service and more importantly cost efficiency services has invariably helped it to become one of the sought after hospitals in Nagpur city. Today this hospital boosts over 200 beds, over 100 qualified doctors and a super specialty department that caters to different medical specialties. It is unarguably one of the state-of-the-art government hospitals in Nagpur city.

Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital
This is not just another renowned government hospital, but is the oldest hospital in entire Central India region. It was established way back in 1862 and since then has been serving people of Central India with immaculate medical service at most cost efficient rate. With over century of diligent medical service to its credit, this Government hospital is unarguably amongst the most trusted hospital in entire Central India. And of course, doctors and state-of-the-art technology here is as best as in any other renowned private/public hospital of the country.

 Other prominent Government hospitals in Nagpur

  • Ayurvedic Hospital Govt: (0712) 2748228.
  • Nagpur College of Homoeopathy & Hospital: (0712) 2746502.
  • Civil Surgeon Hospital: (0712) 2725421.
  • Railway Hospital: (0712) 2533886.

Cancer Hospitals in Nagpur

Today Nagpur is home to two renowned Cancer Hospitals of Maharashtra state. Brief information about the two has been given below.                                          
Columbia Cancer Hospital & Critical Care Center
Many years back one of America’s renowned Cancer Hospitals opened its first branch in India in the very heart of Nagpur city. Today this hospital is unarguably the most advanced Cancer Hospital in entire Central India. Equipped with advanced Cancer treatment equipments like Central Oxygen & Suction, ECG, TMT, 2D-ECHO, PFT, EEG and Advance neuro Surgery Department.

For best results in all types of Cancer surgeries in entire Central India, Columbia Cancer Hospital in Nagpur is surely amongst the most trusted one.
Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Regional Cancer Hospital
This government aided hospital is unarguably today the most sought after Cancer Hospital in entire Central India region. Here all types of Cancer surgeries and treatments are done at less than market rate cost. Without a doubt this is the most affordable Cancer hospital in and around Nagpur city. Here affordability, however, isn’t offered at the cost of immaculate service. Doctors & technologies here are as best as in any other renowned Private Cancer Hospitals. Its achievements speak for itself. Every year admission of nearly 4000 new Cancer patients, nearly 1,500 successful operations every year and 3000 patients treated with Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy annually are some of its worthwhile achievements that are indeed testimony of its immaculate medical service.

Maternity Hospitals in Nagpur

With its burgeoning and ever increasing population, the demand for state-of-the-art maternity hospital in Nagpur is always going to be high. However, some of the existing Maternity hospitals in Nagpur are equally good and are fully capable of taking care of women during critical phase of child birth. Names of some of the prominent Maternity hospitals of Nagpur have been mentioned below.
  • Ankur Maternity Nursing Home: 9422139605.
  • Mother & Child Care Hospital: (0712) 2551594.
  • Gandhi Maternity & Nursing Home: (0712) 2289782.
  • Sankalp Maternity Hospital: (0712) 2524586.
  • Rukmini Maternity Hospital: (0712) 2706820.
  • Deshmukh Maternity & Surgical Hospital: (0712) 2754110.

Dental Hospitals in Nagpur

Like in all other metropolitan cities, the demand for Dentistry health services in Nagpur is also equally high, which is catered by multitude of Dental Hospitals and clinics located across the Nagpur city. Given below is information about some of the prominent dental hospitals/clinics in Nagpur city.

Government Dental College & Hospital
This is the only Government Dental Hospital in entire Nagpur and also by far the biggest Dental Hospital in entire city. Being a government hospital, all the treatments here are done at very subsidized rate. All types of surgical and non surgical treatments including emergency treatments are done here. And dentist doctors employed here are also very experienced and qualified. This college cum hospital has been in existence since 1968 and its diligent dentistry services for more than 4 decades has made it today one of the most trusted dental hospitals in entire Nagpur city.     

Other prominent Dental Clinics in Nagpur

  • Kharat Dental Clinic: (0712) 2461822, 9764598000.
  • Tapadia Dental Clinic & Perfect Dental Art: (0712) 2765072, 9890016495.
  • Nilawars Multi Specialitay Dental Clinic: 9823076265.
  • Smile Design Dental Clinic: (0712) 2249949, 9822738889.
  • Yash Om Dental Clinic and Implant Centre: (0712) 6565333.
  • Sarah Multispeciality Dental Clinic: 9325620598.
  • Aayush Dental Clinic and Orthodontic Care Centre: (0712) 2423452. 

Private Hospitals in Nagpur

Needless to say, Nagpur today has no dearth of private multi specialty & super specialty hospitals. Today there are hordes of them in Nagpur city, which have already touched and saved millions of lives and today are unarguably cradle of hope for millions of patients in entire Central India.
Wockhardt Super Specialty Hospital
Wockhardt doesn’t need any introduction at all. Its chain of efficient multi specialty & super specialty hospitals across the country has already earned humongous trust. Few years back Wockhardt opened its first super specialty hospital in Nagpur, which today obviously is amongst the most sought after hospitals in entire Central India. Another Wockhardt hospital in Nagpur deserves a mention: Wockhardt Heart Hospital, a hospital completely dedicated to heart and cardiology treatment.

Care Hospital
This private multi specialty hospital is immensely popular in entire Central India for its cost effective medical services. This hospital also has 12 other branches in other prominent cities and which are equally popular for its cost efficient medical services.

Orange City Hospital
The only ISO 9001:2000 certified hospital in entire Nagpur region and also one of the most sought after hospitals in entire Central India. It boosts over 160 doctors and over 200 nurses. No other hospital in entire Nagpur city brings so many well qualified doctors & devoted nurses under one roof.

Other prominent Private hospitals in Nagpur city

  • Shree Hospital & Critical Care Centre: 8624051515.
  • Midas Multispeciality Hospital Pvt Ltd: (0712) 2434242.
  • Getwell Hospital & Research Institute: (0712) 6632200.
  • Lata Mangeshkar Hospital: (0712) 2530347.
  • Arneja Heart Institute: (0712) 2448721.
  • Suretech Hospital & Research Centre Ltd: (0712) 6636802

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