IT Parks in Nagpur

Nagpur, which is the winter capital of the state Maharashtra and the largest city in central India, is a fast growing metropolis and is one of the most industrialized cities of the country. It is also the third most populous city of the state after Mumbai and Pune and the 13th most populous city of the country. People, who come from various states of the country, work in several IT companies in Nagpur. The IT Park in Nagpur also opens a job platform for the local people here who are qualified. The plenty of IT and software technology companies in IT Park Nagpur occupies several IT professionals who are in Nagpur and other places of the country.

IT Parks in Nagpur

The Information technology (IT) Park situated in Nagpur is the much happening place these days because a cluster of business establishments is mushroomed in the premises. Plenty of companies that relate to software technology, IT, BPO and ITES establish their business here.

The Software Technology parks of India (STPI), which is a central government establishment that functions under Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, is responsible for setting up IT parks or Software Technology parks across the country. It was STPI itself who established the IT Park Nagpur. Even though monitoring the profiles of various companies venturing into IT Park is the duty of STPI, the deciding authority in allotting space to any company is Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). STIP is responsible for channelize the advantages to the software development and capital good companies that export IT and ITES tools.

Below are some of the main IT companies that are currently operating in IT Park Nagpur.

Zeta Softech Pvt Ltd

Zeta Softech, which has the tagline “Quality performance Delivered”, is a leading knowledge based data and support service provider. It offers services to organizations that seek higher operational effectiveness, lower operating costs and greater flexibility. The company is maintaining a good relationship with its clients based on high quality and consistent service delivery, confidence and trust.

Zeon Solutions Pvt Ltd

Zeon Solutions with headquartered in Milwaukee, is a rapidly growing enterprise e-commerce, custom application development and web solution company. Zeon’s business approach is based on close collaboration with their clients and the company ensures that the implementation of each technology is always aligned with its broader business objectives.

ADCC Infocad Pvt Ltd

An ISO certified, NASSCOM registered and NSIC-CRISIL rated company, ADCC Infocad Pvt Ltd is a central India based IT and Engineering service company. It provides total solution in engineering services, management information system, geographical information system, CAD conversion, Utility Application Software development and Geo-spatial solution services to clients in India and abroad.

The other popular IT companies in IT Park Nagpur are the following.
  • All 1 Source Technologies
  • Arcon Engineers
  • Ascent Transcription Service Pvt Ltd
  • Calypso Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Centro Informatics Pvt Ltd
  • DCUBE Software technologies
  • DMC Management Consultants Ltd
  • Excel Software Systems
  • Extensio Software Pvt Ltd
  • G.N Computing Pvt Ltd
  • GLS Infotech & Financial Services Pvt Ltd
  • Harrier Information Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Hidada Ltd
  • Ndo Pacific Software & Entertainment Ltd
  • Infocepts Technologies
  • Media Pixels (India) Pvt Ltd
  • Omega Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Persistent Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Star Itech Pvt Ltd
  • Suyash Software Pvt Ltd

The IT Park in Nagpur that hosts several leading IT companies in India can have a great influence on the economic status of the state as well as provides job opportunities to thousands of qualified and talented youngsters.

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