Lounges in Nagpur

Lounges in Nagpur

Nagpur has come out of its old held reputation of being a city of temples and has endured a night life that has come to be appreciated by all nocturnal. People who love to party can head off to Nagpur often for a weekend, to enjoy themselves at famous lounges in Nagpur. Nagpur is home to a number of famous lounges and restaurants that hold a lounge section. These lounges and restaurants are celebrated throughout India and some are also well known outside India. Tourists who have come for a lovely vacation to Nagpur often indulge in the environment of these lounges and restaurants. Some of the major lounges that rule the night life of Nagpur are-

Nottee Resto and Lounge

The lounge has been established as the most well organized lounge in the city of Nagpur. With beautiful interiors, indulged with long and comfy leather sofas for large group of friends, cozy little couches for the couples, subtle lighting, wooden designer tables and exquisite walls, the Nottee Resto and Lounge depict the ideal picture of a high class lounge where one can party hard and eat and drink to their hearts content. The Lounge also has a reputation for excellent conduct by the staff. They are friendly and welcoming. The Lounge has a impeccably inviting bar, that is adorned with bright florescent lighting and is stocked up with beverages from all over the world. It is a licensed lounge that is readily becoming more and more popular among the mass.

Address- Nottee Resto n Lounge, M/S Reliable Hitech Pvt. Ltd. Empress City, Nagpur- 440018
Contact no- +91-8275044245
Food Rating: 9/10
Service rating: 8.5/10
Ambience rating: 9/10

V5 The Food Court

The V5 is also a top rated lounge that has been very popular amongst the lovers of good food and party goers. It is a high end partying destination for people who party with class. The interior is exquisite. Wrapped in leather and adorned with spectacular pieces, it is a den for the appreciators of royalty. The food is great and so is the bar. With hundreds of drinks flying from the counter every ten minutes, the bar tenders hardly get a time to put the bottles back on the shelf. The lighting is precisely right, just what the ambience needed. Loud music, some jazz nights, lovely ambience, amazing food and drinks to go with, what else a lounge lover can ask for.  V5

Address - Ad complex, Mount Road, Sadar bazaar, Nagpur-440001.
Contact no - (0712)6611717
Food rating: 8.5/10
Service rating: 7/10
Ambience rating: 8/10

Spot 9 Restro Lounge Bar

If you know the meaning of plush, peppy and exquisite then you know where to head to. Spot 9 Restro Bar is the ultimate lounge for people to indulge in a hep atmosphere with music worth moving your hips to, lovely food and awesome ambience. The lounge also owns a billiards table where you can spend hours playing with a drink in your hand. The lounge holds an open bar with high waist tools that are really cool and go very well with the interiors.

Address – 221, north bazar road, gokulpeth, Nagpur
Contact no. - 712 645 0099
Food rating: 8/10
Service rating: 9/10
Ambience rating: 10/10

Mustard A Complete Restaurant

Mustard is well known for its expertise in multi cuisine and its wonderful setup as a lounge. It has been around for a while and has in this while attracted a devoted clientele, who spend the weekend evenings at Mustard regularly.

Food rating: 8/10
Service rating: 8.5/10
Ambience rating: 7.5/10
Meal for two – Rs.500 for two
You do not only have top preach while in Nagpur, enjoy the night life brilliantly too.

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