Nagpur Municipal Corporation

Today Nagpur Municipal Corporation or NMC stands as one of the most distinguished civic bodies of India. Its decade of rich & efficient civic service to Nagpur city indeed deserves all the recognition and applause. After all, Nagpur Municipal Corporation has single-handedly transformed Nagpur city into one of the greenest cities & also one of the fastest emerging metropolis of India. Nagpur, the winter capital of Maharashtra & and also third largest city of Maharashtra, surely deserves a diligent & efficient civic body like NMC.

Brief history of Nagpur Municipal Corporation

Nagpur Municipal Corporation is one of the oldest Municipal Corporations of India. It was formed way back in late 19th century by Britishers, who believed that Nagpur with its important/strategic central location in India deserves an efficient civic body. In those days Nagpur Municipal Corporation was merely a Municipal Council and only 15.5 kms of Nagpur city came under its jurisdiction.

The Nagpur Municipal Council was transformed into full fledged Municipal Corporation only in 1951 with the enactment of Nagpur Corporation Act, 1948 (CNC Act). The Nagpur Corporation Act, 1948 clearly laid out civic duties & responsibilities of NMC and also entitled it as the sole civic administrative body for Nagpur city.
Municipal Corporation of Nagpur

Duties & Responsibilities of NMC

Duties & responsibilities of NMC are no different from any other civic bodies of India, i.e. to look after basic amenities pertaining to health, education, water supply etc for Nagpur city. Given below in pointers are all duties & responsibilities performed diligently by NMC on daily basis.      
  • Water supply.
  • Sewage and waste management.
  • Providing primary health and education facilities.
  • Maintenance of road streetlight 
  • Maintenance of parks and gardens
  • Slum management and improvement 
  • Collection of tax under the purview of Nagpur Municipal Corporation tax.


The administrative setup of NMC is again similar to that of all the Municipal Corporations in other cities of India; i.e. Municipal Commissioner wields all the administrative power, who obviously has to coordinate with Mayor and Deputy Mayor. And as is the case with other Municipal Corporations, even the Municipal Commissioner of NMC is also an IAS officer elected by State Government, whereas Mayor & Deputy Mayor are directly elected by Municipal Corporation election held after every 5 years. The election also simultaneously elects Corporators from different constituencies spread across Nagpur city.
So, all in all administration of NMC is headed by Municipal Commissioner who in turn is assisted by team of Additional & Assistant Commissioners. The Municipal Commissioner & his/her team subsequently takes into confidence the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and all the Corporators on all the important civic matters of the city.                        

Mayor: Honorable Prof. Anil Sole
Deputy Mayor: Honorable Shri. Sandeep Jadhav
Municipal commissioner: Honorable Shri. Shyam Wardhane

Head Office Address
Nagpur Municipal Corporation
Mahanagar Palika Marg, Civil Lines
Nagpur, Maharashtra,
India, 440001
Telephone: 0712 2567035
Fax: 0712 2561584
E-mail: [email protected]

Administrative Division of Nagpur

For efficient civic administration of Nagpur, NMC has divided Nagpur city into 10 zonal offices. Each of these 10 zonal offices is headed by Assistant Commissioner, who in turn has to corporate with elected Corporaters to facilitate civic development of his or her zone.
Given below is the list of all 10 zonal offices along with contact information of Assistant Commissioners and important departments coming under it.

Laxmi Nagar (zonal office)

Asst.Commissioner: Shri Ganesh Rathaur - Contact No.:9823128275
Call Centre: 0712-2245589
Electric Department: Shri. Rajendra Rathod (Jr engineer) - 9823063765
Health Department: Shri.M.K.Bokare (Zonal officer) - 9823245672
Public Works Department (Deputy Engineer) – 9923009460
Water Works Department: Shri. R.D.Jadhav (Deputy Engineer) - 9823128267
Property Tax Department: Shri.A.M.Mankar (Revenue Inspector) - 9923943099

Dharampeth (zonal office)

Asst.Commissioner: Shri. Rajesh karade - Contact No.: 9823330936
Call Centre: 07122565589
Electric Department: Shri. G. M. Tarapure (Jr. Engineer): Mo: 9823092975
Health Department: Shri. Sanjay .k.Gore (Zonal Officer): Mo: 9823245671
Public Works Department: Shri. A. S. Pille (Deputy Engineer): Mo:9923195880
Property Tax Department: Shri. Manoj Karnik (Tax Inspector): Mo:9423004687

Hanuman Nagar (Zonal office)
Asst.Commissioner: Shri Vijay Humane - Contact No.:9673009102
Electric Department: Mr. G. V. Giri (Jr. Engineer): Mo:9823092766
Health Department: Mr. D. M. Kalode (Zonal Officer): Mo:9823215673
Public Works Department: Mr. S. W. Sathawane (Sub. Divisional Engineer): Mo: 9923022711
Water Works Department: Mr. K. L. Sonkusre (Sub Divisional Engineer): Mo:9823022713

Dhantoli (Zonal office)

Asst.Commissioner: Shri .Mahesh Morone - 9823330932
Call Centre: 07122565599
Health Department: Mr. R. D. Gaydhani: 9823245674
Electric Department- Mr. P. K. Rudrakar: 9823177218
Public Works Department: Mr. Anil Kadu: Mo:9823285595
Water Works Department: Mr. S. R. Watpade (Deputy Engineer): Mo:9923428912

Nehru Nagar (Zonal office)

Asst.Commissioner: Shri. Dilip Patil: 9823022718
Call Centre: (0712)2705589
Health Department- Shri. U. P. Medpilwar:9823245675
Electric Department- Shri. S. Dhage:9823093695
Public Works Department: Shri. K. C. Hedaoo (Sub Divisional Engineer): 9764005357
Water Works Department: Shri. P. S. Rajgire (Sub Divisional Engineer): 9823177217

Gandhi Baugh (Zonal office)

Asst.Commissioner: Shri. Raju Bhivgade: 9823059357
Call Centre: (0712) 2735599
Electric Department: Mr. P. K. Jodhe (Jr. Engineer): 9823816000
Health Department: Mr. K. P. Bokade (Zonal Officer): 9823245677
Public Works Department: Mr. Arun Mogarkar (Sub Divisional Engineer): 9823022710
Water Works Department: Mr. S. N. Nera (Sub Divisional Engineer): 9823022712

Sataranjipura (zonal office)

Asst.Commissioner: Shri Milind Meshram: 9823330934
Call Centre: (0712) 27687339
Health Department- Shri. L. D. Nimje: 9823245676
Electric Department- Shri. Bhagade: 9823093693
Public Works Department: Shri. R. G. Rahate (Sub. Divisional Engineer): Mo: 9823095903
Water Works Department: Shri. C. G. Dhakate (Sub. Divisional Engineer): 9823313097

Lakadganj (Zonal office)

Asst.Commissioner: Shri. Subhashchandra Jaidev – 9823128268
Call Centre: 07122737599
Electric Department- Shri. M. M. Beg: 9823093831
Health Department - Shri. D. A. Dhopte (Zonal officer): 9823245679
Public Works Department - Shri. M. K. kukreja (Sub. Divisional Engineer): 9823022715
Water Works Department - Shri. A. A. Sakhare (Sub. Divisional Engineer): 9823073216

Ashi Nagar (Zonal Office)
Asst.Commissioner: Shri. Ashok Patil – 9823159363
Electric Department- Shri. P. N. Khobragade (Jr. Engineer) :9823019765
Health Department: Shri. D. E. Rangari (Zonal Officer): 9823245688
Public Works Department: Shri. A. G. Nagdiwe (Sub. Divisional Engineer): 9823022715
Water Works Department: Shri. G. T. Wasnik (Sub. Divisional Engineer): 9765490413

Mangalwari (Zonal Office)

Asst.Commissioner: Shri Prakash Warade – 9823330931
Electric Department: Mr. N. B. Salodkar (Sectional Engineer): 9823092680
Health Department: Mr. Moje (Zonal Officer): 823245681
Public Works Department: Mr. V. W. Gabhne (Sub. Divisional Engineer): 9823126338

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