Nagpur to Pachmarhi by Road

Nagpur to Pachmarhi by Road

Traveling by train or boarding a flight is a common factor for tourists and professionals, especially to save time. But traveling by road is equally thrilling, more so when tourists travel in their own car or hire a rental service to reach or visit a certain destination. Traveling by road on a luxury coach or rental car provides additional opportunities to continue journey at ease, stopping at intersections, midway and taking a tea break or stopping for a quick bite. The scenic beauty and its observance by pausing abruptly are unique which cannot be availed while travelling by train or flight.

Distance and Route

Nagpur city is a tourist destination and industrial hub in central India, but its strategic location makes it more palpable city in Maharashtra neighbouring other states like Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh; as travellers can hop skip and visit other destinations from Nagpur in a day’s time. Pachmarhi for example in Madhya Pradesh is a tourist hub situated barely 271 kilometres from Nagpur. The distance can be covered in a span of 5 hours or even less if travelling by road and bus. The best route to follow from Nagpur is via Chindwara and through State Highway264 and National Highway 6 and 7 into Madhya Pradesh State Highway 19 and reach Pachmarhi in 5 hours by road.

Transport and Road Condition

If travelling by train, passengers will have to travel from Nagpur to Bhopal and then reach Pachmarhi, as there is no direct train service from Nagpur to Pachmarhi and the closest railway station is Pipariya from where tourists will have to travel to Pachmarhi. Hence traveling by bus will be ideal and comfortable, with AC, Non AC, luxury, sleeper Volvo buses and other bus services are available to and fro from Nagpur to Pachmarhi on a regular basis. Red Buses operated by Maharashtra State Tourism and Volvo buses ply on this route from morning till night daily or hire rental cars and taxis if not travelling in own car. The price may vary between INR 6000-8000 depending on the service and type of car a traveller prefers. Phone booking and online booking is available for cars and buses as well as direct booking options from travel agencies in Nagpur. Round trip options are also available.

The road from Nagpur to Pachmarhi via Saoner, Sauser, Ramakona, Chindwara, Parasia and Matkuli is mixed with some stretches, where the road is extremely good followed by some construction work as the roads are being extended in some areas. Moreover the road condition is great.

Eateries and Accommodation in between Nagpur and Pachmarhi by Road

Pachmarhi to Nagpur is a stretch where people might not get stalls for a long duration; hence it is advisable to stock on food and water till the destination is reached. There are a couple of hotels in Pachmarhi, although they might be a bit expensive like Ark Residency, Hotel Sanskar, Hotel Abhilasha and the likes. There are also fueling stations in between Nagpur and Pachmarhi on State Highway. Restrooms can be availed in those fueling stations.


Pachmarhi is lovingly known as Satpura ki Rani or Queen of Satpura. A quiet hill station nestled in the Satpura hill range of Madhya Pradesh and also known as Pachmarhi Cantonment. The place is of historical importance for the caves believed to be built by the Pandavas. Pachmarhi is rich in flora and fauna with places to visit like Dhupgarh, Chauragarh, B Hills and B Falls, Sangam, Jatashankar and Mahadeo Caves, Pachmarhi forest is renowned. There are religious sites as well and a lot of other places to visit in Pachmarhi while visiting or staying for a couple of days.

So, while on a visit to Nagpur, don’t forget to visit the scenic Pachmarhi located so close to the state border of Maharashtra. The experience will be worth remembering in addition to touring the historical sites of Nagpur as well.
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