Nightlife in Nagpur

Nagpur is a wonderful city in the state of Maharashtra and known for its natural beauty and surroundings. It is known for oranges that are not only consumed locally, but also all over the country. Tourists flock to this city in thousands to capture the lively moments offered by this city and enjoy every moment of their stay.

Nightlife in Nagpur

Nightlife in Nagpur

Nagpur, being a small city has limited night life because of state administrative restrictions. However still, there are several pubs in the city that caters to the requirements of the youths of the city and to those visiting it. They are as follows:
  • Moksh: Sita Building
  • Sheesha: Hotel Skylark in Central Avenue
  • Rhythm & Blues: Hotel Tuli Intl., Sadar
  • Zinq: Mt. Road, Sadar
Tourists also visit many of these places to enjoy the nightlife of the city. And these areas are considered to be some of the most tourists attracting places.

Most pubs also operate discos during Saturday nights. However, there are restrictions on the pubs from operating beyond midnight, but some in interiors might extend the timings. Taking the wheels after after getting intoxicated can be a risky affair, so better try not doing it.

There are many who prefer to enjoy night meeting new people, drinking and dancing at discotheque in Nagpur. Such individuals love to cut loose and have the pleasure of visiting different places. There are several guidelines that the disco loving public needs to follow, so that they can enjoy the maximum at these places with their friends.
  • One should wear appropriate clothes. Getting into the clubs wearing inappropriate clothes would only invite trouble.
  • It is better to wear an antiperspirant or deodorant, especially during the summer months. This is one thing that an individual can encounter on the dance floor due to crazy dancing and then stinking due to sweating. Designer perfumes are sure to soak up sweat and assist the individual to smell good and great.

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Discos in Nagpur

Disco in Nagpur

Many people love visiting discos as it helps them relax and gives quality time to spend with friends or your partner. Particularly among teenagers these discos are considered to be most commonly visited spot. If you are visiting Nagpur, with your group of friends, why not visit the discos in the city to have more fun. Here apart from getting delicious cuisine, you will also get different types of drinks and it will be a great spot to hang out with friends.

There aren't many discos in the town, but few hotels and restaurants provide a dance floor on special request. The major ones are;

Rhythms & Blues Restaurant
C/O Tuli International Hotel, Residency Road,
Sadar Bazar, Nagpur - 440001
Contact Details: +(91)-9373215621, +(91)-712-6653555, 6653559, +(91)-712-2534473

Aashiyana Restaurant
C/O Aashiyana Hotel, 14 Kms Milestone Dahegaon
Saoner Road, Rangari, Nagpur - 441113
Free Listing