Parks and Gardens in Nagpur

Parks and Gardens in Nagpur

A city can develop and flourish with skyscrapers, high-rises, industries, swanky office complexes, polished and metalled roads. But a city cannot be imagined without its green cover and an environment where people can’t breathe fresh air and smell the fragrance of fresh blossoms and flowers. This is why parks are essential in a city’s vicinity and in every locality, which will provide people with zeal and fresh impetus to keep going amidst the pollution, smoke and dust. Parks and Gardens in every locality, maintained by the municipalities in every city for the benefit of joggers, morning walkers, elderly and children. Children off late require a lot of fresh air in order to relieve their minds from the daily activities at school, studies and so on. Parks provide them an open arena to play, interact with other children and also provide a recreational place for elders.

Nagpur city is abundant with parks and gardens as the city is considered to be a top tier city with a lot of greenery and ideal for living. There are several parks in Nagpur locality; mention must be made of Japanese Rose Garden, Ram Dham, Children’s Traffic Park and many more.

Ram Dham Park in Nagpur

Special mention may be made of Ram Dham, which is a holy place and amusement park. Ram Dham is located in Ramtek on the way towards Nagpur. With its serene, spiritual and cultural ambience, Ram Dham Park boasts of a huge OM structure amidst the park premises. The park also organizes puppet shows and folk dances for its visitors. The heavenly atmosphere with its scenic beauty and greenery creates quite an impression on the minds of the visitors and tourists.

Japanese Rose Garden in Nagpur

While on a visit to Nagpur, a tourist can check out the Japanese Rose Garden located at Seminary Hills. The freshly blossoming heavenly scent and fragrance of roses is bound to drive a visitor crazy. Be it a jogger, morning walker, a resident or a tourist, meditation and other activities are ideal in this place with lush greenery and sprawling lawns amidst roses. Calmness and serenity creates an amazing aura around the garden premises. The cool breeze, the melodious sound of birds singing reverberates in the garden and the structures in the garden have contributed to the name of Japanese Rose Garden due to its relevance.

Parks and Gardens in Nagpur
Japanese Rose Garden

Children Traffic Park in Nagpur

Children Traffic Park is yet another destination kids will love to visit in Nagpur, situated at Dharampeth. With several fun rides and lawns to play with, an additional feature which is upcoming is a 5-D theatre. Kids will surely find it entertaining, they will experience lively events like water, snow, smoke screens. Besides exciting car rides, toy trains coursing through the entire stretch of the park will keep the children very busy with these playful activities. The entry fee is also minimal at Children Traffic Park.

Pench National Park and Tiger Reserve

Another famous park, although a national forest reserve, situated at Satpura Hill on the fringes of Nagpur City will be quite an indulging experience for adults and kids as well while visiting or touring the city. Located on the banks of Pench River, Pench National Park and Tiger Reserve boasts of an ecosystem abundant with flora and fauna with meandering valleys and slopes. Apart from home and reserve for Tigers and panthers; dogs, monkeys, deers, langurs, sloth bear and a varied species of birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians can be sighted at this national park in Nagpur. It is very close to Ramtek, which is 35 kilometres away. Ideal season to visit is between months of February and April.

Botanical Gardens in Nagpur

Also known by the pseudonym of Maharaja Bagh is a beautiful garden established by the Bhonsle Kings attracts thousands of visitors every year to visit the garden premises and the adjoining zoo full of rare species of flora and fauna.

Lake Gardens Sakkardara in Nagpur

This is also an ideal holiday and picnic hub for residents of Nagpur with the sprawling lawns and greenery that encircle the premises.

Musical Garden in Nagpur

Housed at Surya Nagar, Musical Garden in Nagpur is a delight with melodious songs and music being the theme of the garden with lush scenic landscapes. With several musical fountains spread across the lawns, ragas, raginis and different types of music is belted out by musicians who perform on the garden premises.

So, while paying a visit to Nagpur, don’t miss out on these gardens and park trips, it surely will be a worthwhile tour of Nagpur.
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