Pet Shops in Nagpur


Nagpur is considered as the home to a large number of pet shops. The people of Nagpur are very much fond of pets. Cats, dogs, love birds, dove, fish and parrots are the most demanded pets in the city.  The well facilitated pet shops in Nagpur are really a refuge to the pet lovers in Nagpur. The pet shops in Nagpur provide all the facilities and services required for the best caring of the pets.The pet shops working in Nagpur city offer pet food, pet supplements, pet care products, pet accessories, pet toys and sale of best breeds of pets. The pet shops specialized on the sale of aquariums and fish is commonly seen in Nagpur.

Types of Pet Shops in Nagpur

There are different types of pet shops operating in Nagpur. The pet shops mainly concentrating on the sale of particular animals like dog or cat, Pet shops selling only birds, Pet shops providing fishes, aquarium and related accessories, Pet shops deal with the business of every kind of animals, and pet shops focusing on the sale of pet food and accessories are the major kinds of pet shops seen in the orange city of India.

Ornamental Fish Shops in Nagpur

Ornamental fishes are one of the best choices of the people in Nagpur to beautify their homes. There are so many pet shops in Nagpur, working on the intention of providing the best services and assistance to the ornamental fish lovers in the city.  Koi Fish, Arowana Fish, Discus Fish, Alligator Gar, black ghost Knife and gold fish are included in the list of ornamental fishes available in Nagpur. These shops provide fish food and aquariums to the customers. The major types of aquariums being sold in these shops are Table Aquarium, Sofa Aquarium, Wall Aquarium, Dining Aquarium, Photo frame Aquarium, and Floor Aquarium.

Popular Pet Shops in Nagpur

Some of the important names among the pet shops in Nagpur are listed below:

Asims Fancy Fish Aquarium N Pet Shoppe in Nagpur

This is a popular pet shop in Nagpur. The shop focuses on the sale of Aquarium fishes and pets. The pet lovers in the city prefer the place to purchase their favorite pets. Quality pet food is also provided here.
  • Address: Shop No 1, Plot No 2, Umabhaskar Apartment, Buty Layout, Puneet Super Bazar, Khere Town, Dharampeth, Nagpur - 440010
  • Phone number: (0712) 2551115

Pets Planet in Nagpur

Pets Planet is a paradise for the pet lovers in Nagpur. The shop of Pets Planet located in central avenue road in Nagpur provides the best breeds of pets to their customers. The pet accessories and pet food is also available here.
  • Address: Behind Hotel Paradise, Central Avenue Road, Nagpur - 440008
  • Phone number: 9890056638

Ayushi Sweet Aquarium

The Ayushi Sweet Aquarium in Nagpur is famous in the city for their services. They are one of the rare teams in Nagpur selling large varieties of ornamental fishes and aquariums. People having the hobby of taking care of ornamental fishes are regular visitors to the Ayushi Sweet Aquarium working in Abhyankar Nagar in Nagpur.
  • Address: Abhinav Arcade, Near to the Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Abhyankar Nagar, Nagpur - 440010
  • Phone number: 9730032801

The Pets Park Care Center and Fish Aquarium

The Pets Park care center and Fish Aquarium is one of the most popular names among the people loving pets in Nagpur. This pet shop provides a comprehensive list of animals and ornamental fishes to their customers.
  • Address: 12 Tulsi Appart, Telephone Ex Square, C A Road, Central Avenue Road, Nagpur - 440008
  • Phone number: 9823136318

Pet Paradise

It is a modern pet shop in Nagpur. They present a variety of domestic pets and pet care products to the Nagpur people, who love to take care of domestic pets. Dogs and cats in different foreign breeds are available here.
  • Address: 23, Dhanshree Complex, Sitabuldi, Nagpur- 440012
  • Phone number: 9325504939

Dhanshree Pet Shop in Nagpur

There are variety of domestic pets are waiting in the Dhanshree Pet Shop in Nagpur to be taken home by the pet lovers. It is one of the greatest places in the city, where almost every necessary requirement of the pets like pet cage and food are available.
  • Address: Shop no1, Ring rd, Jaripatka, Nagpur - 440014
  • Phone number: 9595482181

The, Nagpur can be considered as a lovely place for the people loving domestic breeds of dogs. The shop sells almost all the demanded breeds of dogs available in India. The pet lovers owning dog can purchase all the accessories and items required for their dog by visiting the working just a few kilometers away from the city.
  • Address: Plot No-545, S LAL Tower, Sector-20, Nagpur
  • Phone number: (011) 66727358

PMS Pet House

They are one of the groups in Nagpur, providing the systematic services and assistance in taking care of the pets. Almost every kind of pet animals and birds seen in India are available here. Their services include the systematic guidance for the caring of pets.
  • Address: C- 24/2, Behind University Ground, Ravi Nagar, Nagpur - 440010
  • Phone number: 8087192956

The pet shops in Nagpur are facilitated with all the services required for the effective caring of the pets. The Nagpur pet shops help the people of Nagpur in providing ideal care to their pets. The service of a qualified instructor in pet caring, availability of popular breeds of pets, availability of pet food and availability of high standard pet care products are the common features of the reputed pet shops working in Nagpur. Hope the above information’s might be helpful for the pet lovers in Nagpur city to have a fantastic life with their pets.

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