Picnic Spots Near Nagpur

Some of the best picnic places near Nagpur are listed below with detailed description about the speciality of that place.  Krazy Castle Aqua Park&Restaurant, Ambazari Lake and Pench Reservoir   these are among top 25 favourite destinations among visitors near Nagapur. In Maharastra there are several one day picnic spots near Nagpur. The main attraction about the varied Picnic spots in Nagpur is its natural beauty that nature has created and the amazing combination of modern architech with the natural essence of then place.

Tourist comes to explore more about these places and enjoy their holidays free from worries and tension. There are almost 432 picnic spots in India with approx. 100 spots are in Maharashtra itself.
Elephanta caves and Shalimar Bagh in Maharastra being the most visited and always in the top list in India as a popular picnic spot. The traditional culture and natural beauty at these two places attract worldwide tourist to come and visit and witness India's rich history and tradition.

From Nagpur just about 33 km away there is a beautiful city called Katol which has four picnic spot near it. In which the most popular place is Highland Park and other spot also famous in Nagpur is Khindsi Lake near Bhandara.

Some of the favourite tourist destinations near to Nagpur are:

Ambazari Lake

Picnic spots near Nagpur, the perfect destination to hangout

Just at 6km away from the Nagpur city in west a beautiful, largest and well-preserved and managed lake is present, which is called as Ambazari lake. It is under the survelliance of Nagpur Municipal Corporation. It is a most popular tourist attraction in Nagpur city, Maharastra. Just beside the lake a garden was established in 1958, encompasses an area of 20 acres of land. The garden is built with several attractions like musical fountain, boating facility, electric rides and amusement games, makes it a perfect destination to visit as a picnic spot and spend quality time with friends and family.

Pench Reservoir

In the state of Maharastra, on the bank of river Pench is a dam situated which encompasses a large area with diverse wild life  incorporated in the area nearby. Pench Reservoir situated in mid of the National Park. The national park is a habitat for diverse wildlife, which  can be seen around the river quenching their thirst. In summer season Pinch River dries and leaves behind small reservoir of water in the form of pools here and there. These small pools of water are called as 'doh' or ‘khassa' in local language. During pinch season pinch river is the only source of water in National Park. The place is a famous picnic spot near Nagpur in Maharshtra. Pench dam is also called as Kamthikhairy Dam.


It is about 45 km away from Nagpur city. Adasa is a small village filled with an array of temples. A temple of lord Ganesha has gained immense importance at the place. In Ganpati Temple, the idol of lord is carved on  a single stone which has high spiritual importance.  Devotees has immense belief and faith with the temple. People coming to visit the village they must visit the temples established in this village.


The beautiful Khekranala dam  is 55 km away from Nagpur, it is situated in mid of greenery full of peace in the range of forest, Khapra.  The forest has dense foliage coverage which covers big water reservoir as well.


Picnic spots near Nagpur, the perfect destination to hangout

The small town, Markanda is situated on the left Bank of river, Vainganga. The town comprises of about 24 beautiful temples resembling Khajuraho architect and design. The town got its name after the name of a Sage Markandeya. It is treated as a religious place and has gained great spiritual importance.


The lake, Dhapewada is situated 60 km away from Nagpur is a beautiful place to visit and commonly used as  a picnic spot by the inhabitant of Nagpur or nearby population. A small temple of Vithoba stands on the bank of river, the  Chandrabhaga. With the increasing tourist lake has been offered with various water sport facilities. This place is also popularly known as Pandharpur of Vidarbha. Near Dhapewada lake another lake known as Khindsey Lake situated in mid of the  Ramtek hill filled with greenery all around.


The place has a fort and is gifted with abundance and diverse wild life, Nagzira has wildlife sanctuary in natural environment filled with greenery and water reservoirs.

Nawegaon Dam

The dam was built in early 18 century in the Vidarbha region by Kolu Patel Kohli. It is a famous forest resort in the region.  The place enriched with diverse wild life reserve like deers, birds and other animals.  The resort offer a number of adventure sports of visitors . There are many watch towers to catch the clear view of wildlife present in forest. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is one of the most popular sanctuary in india  three beautiful  gardens and park for  children.


Picnic spots near Nagpur, the perfect destination to hangout

The place is associated with many ancient interesting stories. Here, Kalidas the great poet composed Meghdoot . Ramtek has historic temples in which Ram Mandir is about 600 year old. Jain Temple in Ramtek is a beautiful witness of Indian ancient culture and tradition, the beautiful sculpture and incarnation on wall are the main attraction of Ramtek. It has religious belief that Lord Rama, Sita and Laxman had visited this place altogether.


Situated on the edge of Dham River Pavnar has great historical importance. The name Pavnar has been kept after the name of Pawan, a great Rajiut ruler. The main attractions of Pavnar are Gandhi Kuti and Paramdham Ashram of Vinobaji, visitors from distant place come to see these main attractions at Pavnar.
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