Sitabuldi Fort

Sitabuldi fort is the most famous monument in Nagpur City. It is the historic symbol of history of India. Sitabuldi fort is situated between the Twin Mountains.  Sitabuldi fort is built in the memory of soldiers which have died in the war against British emperor.

Myths and facts about the fort

There are a lot of things about this fort, there are so many misconceptions like some people say it was built by Sahib Bhosle, after he fought with the British company at the time of third war with anglo-maratha. But the research shows that the fort was built by a British government in 1822, at the time of Jenkins. It was constructed under the committee formed by Col Adnane who was the president of the committee. For the construction of this fort, black stone is used from the Katol area. It is the mélange of ethnic and colonial styles.

The roof is made of Kolaru tiles. There are some reports which claim that, Gandhiji stayed here but there is no record of it. There are some other rumors as well , which says that grandson of the emperor Tipu sultan buried in this fort, but they seems to be false. But there are some records which show that in 1947, the Madhya Prant CM, Ravi Shankar done a flag hoisting.  They claim that on this occasion Raghuji Bhosle also present at that time. Sitabuldi fort is also protected by moat.

There are so many soldiers who died in the battle between the British and Marathas. To commemorate the brave soldiers; in this fort you can see a war memorial. The people who travel Nagpur for their vacations, they must go to see the Sitabuldi fort of Nagpur. If you got the chance to visit Nagpur in your lifetime, then never forgot to go and see the beauty of Sitabuldi fort in Nagpur because this is considered one of the most beautiful jewels of Nagpur city in India. Because of the location of the Sitabuldi fort, it adds a lot of charm in its beauty and the fort name is established on the hills on which it is formed and situated. Sitabuldi fort is also the witness of Anglo-Maratha battle and known as battle of Sitabuldi.

Sitabuldi Fort

A historical place - Sitabuldi

Sitabuldi fort is the historical place in Nagpur and it is the specialty of this place. This fort was put in the year 1857, during the time of pre-independence of India. But the person who constructed the fort was a British from the origin. The establishment year of Sitabuldi fort and battle of Plassey was same. Sitabuldi fort is the major tourist attraction in the Nagpur city from the time of pre-independence era. Till the time, the fort has not lost his charm and attraction and people love to visit the fort in these days as well. A lot of protection is also provided to this fort by the trough.

In the Sitabuldi fort there is a cell in which Mahatma Gandhi was kept as imprisoner. The Sitabuldi fort is also very much popular for the views which it offers when the visitors come to the fort and they can also see the Sitabuldi hills.

Best time to Visit the Sitabuldi Fort

Normally, it is not opened for the general public and we can only visit outside the Sitabuldi fort.  The time when it is opened for the public is between 15th Aug and 26th January, so it is the best time to visit the Sitabuldi fort.

Condition of Sitabuldi fort

Sitabuldi fort is operated and Maintained by the defense officials and is not opened for the public viewing. Sitabuldi fort is only open on Independence Day and Republic day. So the building of fort is still retained its look and attraction for the public.
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