Special Cuisines of Nagpur

Nagpur cuisines are an important part of its culture. As there were several dynasties that ruled in the territory and they had diverse food habits, Nagpur cuisines show a wide variety. Usually a typical Nagpur dinner consists of three basic items. They are rice, lentils chapatis or poli along with vegetable dishes. However, Nagpur dishes are famous for the use of ghee or clarified butter to enhance the taste. Spicy dishes of Nagpur usually consist of peanuts, dried coconuts and variety of lentils or pulses. Several non-vegetarian items are also included in Nagpur food and they are prepared by adding a mixture of cloves and pepper instead of traditional red chilli to make it hot and spicy.

Orange City
Nagpur is also known as ‘Orange City’ and the city gets this name due to the presence of oranges in plenty of Nagpur cuisines. People of Nagpur use oranges to make many items like sweets. Orange is a vital part of Nagpur cuisine.

The cuisine in Nagpur contains a wide range of savouries that include lonace, rayatas, papad, catnis, kosimbirs, sandage etc. these savouries can add delight to Nagpur cuisines. Another speciality of Nagpur dishes is that they are very spicy. People of Nagpur like to add a lot of spice to the dishes that make the food more palatable. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of Nagpur contain common ingredients like black pepper, garam masala, bay leaf etc. khus khus as well as powdered coconut are also used widely in Nagpur food preparations.

Special Dishes in Nagpur
Zunka Bhakri

Popular Dishes in Nagpur

Sweets: As Nagpur is famous for growing orange, people here prepare dessert items and sweets flavoured with orange pieces. The Santra Burfi is popular throughout the country.

Savories: Plenty of savouries such as lonace, papad, catnis, losimbirs and sandage are widely eaten by people of Nagpur.

Zunka Bhakri
: It is a classic food of Vidarbha region and is a coarse flat pancakes made with a mixture of split gram flour and millet flour.

Saoji Chicken
: Saoji chicken is a one of the famous dishes that you will get exclusive in Nagpur. This special recipe of chicken is a highly spiced dish made in Sajoi style is the most favourite item of the non-vegetarian community who reside in Nagpur.

Special Dishes in Nagpur

Street food
: You can see several roadside carts in Nagpur that serves special street food like, chat, pani puri, pav bhaji and Indian version of Chinese noodles and Manchurian.

Don’t think that it is difficult for people outside of Nagpur to find out foods of their tastes. Besides the local dishes of Nagpur, N plenty of restaurants in the city serve various types of dishes according to the taste of visitors. You can see special restaurants exclusively for Bengali, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Italian, South Indian, North Indian and Punjabi dishes. Several pure veg restaurants are also seen here along with super quality non-veg restaurants. The good quality dishes and excellent services of these restaurants at affordable rate make your dining experience comfortable and enjoyable.
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