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Umred Near Nagpur
Habitants of the Umred Village

Umred is a small town situated in Umred Taluka of Nagpur District of Maharashtra. A small township under Vidarbh region, Umred is located 47 km away from Nagpur District quarter. Situated at 292 meters elevation from average sea level, the town has earned huge popularity as an entry point of Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the proposed site for one of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries in Maharashtra.

Demographics of Umred Town

Geographical border wise the town Umred is surrounded by Kuhi Taluka at North, Bhivapur Taluka at East, Pauni Taluka at southeast and  Mouda Taluka at Northwest side. The most nearby villages from this town are Gangapur, Shirpur, Udasa, Tarna, and Dhurkheda. The cities located at proximal distance to Umred are Pauni, Nagpur and Kamthi. The local language of the town is Marathi as well as people of Umred also speak in English and Hindi. Postal Pin code of Umred is 441203 and the nearest post office is Umred Post Office.

Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary

Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary is located around 9 km away from Umred is now one of the most popular sites in Maharashtra for ecotourism and as one of the most famous wildlife sports for tiger sightings. Apart from tiger the sanctuary houses several other species of animals like Tiger, Sloth Bear, Leopard, Wild Dog, Ratel, Indian Fox, Wolf, Jackal, jungle cat, Gaur, Blue bull, Sambar Deer, Barking Deer, Wild Boars, and Spotted Deer. The Maru River flows through this wild sanctuary and ultimately the river merges with Vainganga River. On the bank of this Maru River toward east, this sanctuary meets with Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. The sanctuary is divided into two geographical divisions like Nagpur Division and Bhandra Division. Approximate area of the sanctuary is 250 sq km.

It is bounded roughly by the Wainganga River and the Gosikhurd Dam on the northeast, State Highway 9 and Bhiwapur Town on the south, Umred District on the west and a narrow 10 km long range of 600 - 800 m hills to the northwest.

Flora and Fauna of the Sanctuary

Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary has opulent and various plant and trees. Mostly Ain, Dhaoda, Achar, Lendia, Mohuwa, Bhirra, Tendu, Rohan, Semal, and Tiwas tress are found here. In herbs category Tarota, Tnella, Tarwar, Gokru, Wight, Vanbhendi, Vetatri, and Waghori plants are found here. Bamboo forest covers a major portion of this sanctuary. However, apart from wild flora, the sanctuary is the bed of at least 250 species of medicinal plants, which have extremely significant economic importance.

Umred Karhandla Sanctuary is the home to numerous species out of which some of the species are already tagged as endangered. Some of these endangered animals in this sanctuary are Panthers, Tigers, Pangolin, Blackbuck, 4-horned Antelope, Jackal, Sloth Bear, flying squirrels, and Small Indian Civet Cat. The sanctuary houses invertebrates like different types of butterflies, moths, Danaid’s egg fly, which are also tagged as endangered species according to Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

The sanctuary houses an attractive and amazing collection of avi-faunal species: there are almost 200 species of birds including 10 types of migratory birds and 9 types of birds already tagged as endangered like peafowls.

The Umred Karhandla Sanctuary is the abode of almost 30 species of reptiles out of which 6 species are of endangered category. These 6 species are Indian Cobra, Rat snake, India Rock Python, Checkerd keel back, Russel’s viper, and Common Monitor Lizard.

How to reach Umred

You can reach Umred Nagpur by railways as well as by using roadway.


Bamhani Rail Way Station and Umred Rail Way Station are the most adjacent railway stations to Umred. Nagpur Rail Station, Umred Rail Station, Bamhani Rail Station, and Ajni Rail Way Station are the Rail stations reachable from Umred at one go. Tourist’s planning to reach at Umred can avail any of these rail routes for reaching at Umred.


Umred is connected with Nagpur by roads, and it is easy to reach Umred from Nagpur by hiring a 4 –wheeler.

Best time to visit Umred
The best time to visit Umred is between October and March month.
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