Voter ID card in Nagpur

Voter ID Cards in Nagpur

The democracy of India is the largest in the world and at the same time India is also a secular, socialist and democratic republic. Modern India came into being on 15th august 1947 and it is from this time onwards that elections have been taking place in India on a regular basis. Fair and free elections take place in India according to the principles that are found in the Electoral laws, the Constitution and the System of the country.

The process of elections in India, its direction, superintendence and control is looked after by the Election Commission of India. Parliamentary laws guide the elections that are also conducted as per constitutional provisions. In India, it is mandatory to possess a voter id card in order to be eligible for voting during the elections. An individual who does not possess his voter id card is not allowed to vote during the elections and he remains excluded from his Right to Vote. This is a general rule that is followed in all the states of India and therefore every citizen in India above the age of 18, carries out the procedure of getting his or her voter id card.

How to get voter id card in Nagpur

Nagpur is a city in India that is located in Maharashtra and the procedure of getting Voter id card in Nagpur is the same as is found in the other cities and states of India. A new voter in Nagpur who does not have the proper idea of getting a Voter ID card in Nagpur, should try to get elaborate information about the entire procedure. Even for regular voters in Nagpur, it is important to remain aware of certain points that are required to be known before trying to get a Voter ID card in Nagpur.

Eligibility for the enrollment as voter

An individual in Nagpur, who is above the age of 18, is eligible of possessing a Voter id card in Nagpur. However, it must be noted that the individual should qualify the date of preparation of voter list and he or she should also come under the category of ordinary citizen of the ward or the constituency where he or she lives in Nagpur.

Ordinary Resident

An ordinary resident means that an individual mainly lives in Nagpur or any other place in India. if a person works somewhere else away from Nagpur, then he or she must register for the voter card at that particular place.

Enrollment as new voter in Nagpur

In order to get Voter id card in Nagpur, it is important to fill up form no: 6 which is found available at revenue offices for people living under municipalities and at the Tahsildar’s office for people living under Talukas. For people living under mofussil areas, the forms are available at the revenue sub-divisional office. The form can also be easily be downloaded from the website of the Election Commission of India.

Documents required

While filling up form no: 6, the main documents that are required to be produced are: Photocopy of address proof and the photocopy of identity card. Documents like PAN card, Water bill, telephone bill, electricity bill, statement of bank account, pension cards and passport are considered to be valid as address proof.

Place of registration and timing

The people who stay under the municipalities are guided by the Electoral Registration Officers and the Assistant Registration Officers that are found available at Revenue Department’s Division Offices and Revenue Department’s sub-division offices. An individual should remain informed about the ward number and thereon he or she should contact the office of revenue department for registration of Voter id card in Nagpur.

The forms for voter id card registration are accepted at regular hours of working from Monday to Saturday. For people living in rural areas the Tahsildar’s office works as the main place of registration. People who are not able to get the office can always make a call to the returning officer and he would guide them to the registration office. It is always important to keep in mind that the acknowledgement slip is significant and it should be obtained from the clerk who receives the filled up form.

How is the voter card obtained

After filling in form no: 6, it is not important that an individual would get his card before the elections itself. The voter cards are available even after elections are over. This is the basic procedure that is required to be employed in getting a Voter id card in Nagpur.

Online Registration for voter ID card in Nagpur

Recently the Indian Government has announced that the Registration or Enrollment of Voter id card in any part of India can be done online in the year 2013. After enrolling for the voter id card online, the voter id card will be issued within a time span of one month by the members of the circle. The procedure followed in applying for the voter id card online is the same in all the cities and states of India. Online Registration for voter id card in Nagpur can also be done very easily.

The first and the foremost thing that is required for the online registration of voter card is an email-id. A person possessing an email-id can register for the voter id card online but he or she must also possess the circle area which he or she belongs to and also an address proof such as ration card or driving license.

In any part of India, voter id card is an important document which is required to prove the citizenship of the country. Nowadays obtaining voter id card in Nagpur has become very easy because of the procedure of Online Registration for voter id card in Nagpur. There is a particular website that can be used for enrolling for the voter id card online. The website is

The link for the Online Voter Registration will be found on the right side of this website and by clicking this link an individual will get the option of form no: 6. The form cannot be filled in without verification. For verification purpose you need to give your mobile number and immediately you will receive a username with password through SMS. It is only after the submission of mobile number that an individual is allowed to fill in his or her details in the form. The details need to be filled in and submitted. After doing this, an application ID is provided to the individual. The page of the application ID is required to be printed and the application ID can also be noted down.

After the above procedure is over, an individual is required to log into by the use of the username and password that is provided to him. The data provided earlier can be edited if required and it is important to fill in the other details. Next the form should be submitted and the print out taken. The scanned copies of residential address, identity proof and date of birth are also required to be uploaded.

Next, printed copy of submitted form, along with photo, and photocopy of residential address, identity proof and date of birth needs to be sent to the address found on the form. Thereafter an individual will successfully receive his or her voter id card in Nagpur at the nearest ERO. A responsible citizen of India will always follow the correct procedure to get his or her voter card issued. Voter id cards are very important and therefore every individual must always try his level best to get them in any circumstances. Every individual has the right to vote and this right cannot be snatched away from any citizen. Not only in Nagpur but in every city and state of India, getting a voter id card is necessary and it is legal, Infact, it can turn out to be illegal if you are harassed or mislead in your effort of getting the voter id card.

Voter id card in Nagpur should be possessed by every individual above the age of 18 because according to the parliamentary laws and the constitution every Indian has the right to vote and voting can be done only if an individual has the possession of voter id card. All the rules and regulations of different types of governmental activities in India keep on changing but there are hardly any changes found in the procedure of getting voter id card in Nagpur or in any other city or state in India. the reason behind this is the importance of this card. Elections are significant for the governance of the country and in the same way voter id cards are also significant. Every individual above the age of 18 should make efforts and obtain his or her voter id card because it is necessary in every field and in every part of life.

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