Water Parks in Nagpur

It happens frequently that when traveling with family, especially children, elders encounter a grave problem. How to keep the children occupied and entertained, as children get bored very easily and often they seem uninterested in visiting historical places and attending conducted tours accompanied by their parents. It also happens that the place a family is visiting might not hold enough entertainment for children and hence they will get bored easily. In that case, Nagpur is quite an entertaining place to reckon with. With a bunch of water parks as amusement and entertainment options, tourists will never be disappointed of missing out on fun and frolic, so will their children.

Krazy Castle Aqua Park

To begin with, mention must be made of Krazy Castle Aqua Park, a water amusement park situated on the western fringes of Nagpur overlooking Ambazari Lake. This place is convenient to reach as it is located very close, barely 6 kilometres from the city centre. Designed by Mr. Nitish Roy, the renowned architect who also designed Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, Krazy Castle Water Park is a joint endeavor of Nagpur Improvement Trust and Haldiram Foods. Designed entirely keeping in view children, kids and adults, Krazy Castle Aqua Park is very popular entertainment destination in Central India.

Visitors are entertained and welcomed at the entrance by a mannequin of a giant overlooking the amusement park. The giant greets and allows the visitors to pass through its hands spread open as a welcoming gesture. With the massive interiors of the amusement and water park spread across 70 thousand square feet, Krazy Castle Water Park crowd pullers are Splash Tower, Wave Pool, Zoom Tower, and Lazy Crazy River with huge pendulum shaped slides. Amusement rides and storehouse of entertainment, the water theme park provides a palate full of exciting rides, games, activities for children, kids and adults. Striking cars, electronic game and video parlors with basketball games and so on, there are also fun rides like Bull and Columbus rides, which accommodates 50-60 passengers meandering up and down like a serpent throughout the entire stretch of the park.

Water Parks in Nagpur
Krazy Castle Park

Water theme parks are incomplete without great food courts and this water park is no exception. With a Banyan Food Court and a ship styled restaurant named Cleopatra after the Egyptian queen, the theme park provided authentic cuisines, including locker facilities to store valuables and personal items and also provides swimming costumes on rent.

Krazy Castle Aqua Park remains open on all days except Sundays and national holidays from 10: 00 am to 6:00 pm. The entry fees vary from Rs.150-225 for children and adults.

Ocean World Aqua Park

Located very close to Krazy Castle Aqua Park; Ocean World Aqua Park , on the opposite banks of Ambazari lake and situated close to Nagpur City Centre, which is 4 kilometres away. The Theme park can be reached by bus or private car.

Water Parks in Nagpur

The Theme park is full of entertainment activities and water sports comprising of slide pools, wave pool, water disco, slides for kids. There are restaurants and food courts within the water theme park premises. The spot is ideal for organizing picnics, other activities.

Wet rides, dry rides, kid’s zones, swimming costumes on rent, locker facilities for revelers who can have as much fun as they want to at Ocean World Aqua Park.

With all these entertainment and water themed amusement parks, children will be never even experience monotony and isolation. The water parks keep them entertained throughout the day and the fun rides, water slides, restaurants… the entertainment seems to be never ending. Nagpur might not be as glittering as Mumbai, but Nagpur is no less fun with these amusement parks in the city, always calling on tourists to visit these hubs and enjoy themselves along with their family, be it tourists or local residents of Nagpur.
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