Women Welfare Services in Nagpur

Various surveys and studies of UN report that one in three women across the world is subjected to domestic abuse in their lives and one in five to rape or attempted rape. It is a horrible fact that rape is even used as a weapon of war in many conflicts. Unfortunately India is not an exception in the happenings of such evil crimes. Every year the number of crimes against women is increasing in India and we have seen the horrific impact of which in many places such as Delhi, Mangalore etc. Ignorance of law and fear of women are misused by the society and these become the reasons for increasing atrocities against women in the country.

Women welfare in NagpurWith an aim of protecting women and children from domestic abuses and physical as well as sexual harassing, the Municipal Corporation of Nagpur establish several programs. As a part of it, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) Women and Child Welfare committee has started counseling centers for women in all 10 zones. As per the NMC, they accept the support and help of NGOs to run these counseling centers. The interested NGOs, who are working for the welfare and development of women and children, can submit the applications with the NMC to be a part of this great venture. The NMC urges the NGOS to come forward and help them in welfare and development of women and children.

NGOs for Women welfare in Nagpur
There are plenty of NGOs and other associations who work for the welfare and development of women and children in Nagpur. Here is giving the list of some famous NGOs for women welfare in Nagpur.

Vishwas Gruh Samasha Niwaran Sanstha
Address: 1 Ujwal Nagar, Opp. Vikas Aashram, Somalwada, Ujwal Nagar, Nagpur 440025
Phone: 9422108881

Yuvak Samajik Jankalyan Sanstha
Address: E W S-166, Qt No 117, Near Kdk Collage, Darshan Colony Nandawan, Nandawan Colony, Nagpur 440009
Phone: 0712 2711034

Women Child Labour Shikshan Sanstha
Address: 14 Bandhu Nagar Zingabai Takli, Koradi Road, Takli, Nagpur 440013
Phone: 0712 2580355

Vishvbharati Bahuuddeshiya Gramin Vikas Sanstha
Address: Sambhaji Kasar Road, Maskasath, Nagpur 440002
Phone: 9021863794

Arif Bahuddshiya Sanstha
Address: Shivshakti Nagar, Kamptee Road, Nagour 440026
Phone: 0712 2640484

Vaicharik Kranti
Address: Flat No 32, 1st Building, Patrakar Sahniwas, Civil Lines, Civil Lines, Nagpur 440001
Phone: 8793397793

UPAY Educational NGO
Address: 571, Hiwari Layout, Wardhman Nagar, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur 440008

NGO Advise
Address: Rishbh apartment, Opp. Jain mandir, Ganesh Nagar, Great nag road, nandavan Colony, Nagpur 440009
Phone: 9372309888

Vidarbha Muslim Mahila Vikas Bahudeeshiya Shikshan Sanstha
Address: House No 114/A/74. Gulam Usman, Prashant Nagar, Nagpur 440015
Phone: 0712 2583254

Wantbaba Shikshan Sanstha
Address: At-Sant Tajuddinbaba High School, Waki, Tah, Saoner, Katol Road, Nagpur 440013
Phone: 9881217591

Vidarbh Pradesh Vikas Parishad
Address: C/O S D M P, Lay-Out, Khamla Sindi Colony, Nagpur 440020
Phone: 9373215279

Village Care Society
Address: M I G 4& 5, Bhim Chowk, Nara Road, Jaripatka, Nagpur 440014
Phone: 0712 2602748

Voluntary Association for Sustainable Development
Address: 237, Hanuman Nagar, Nagpur, 440009
Phone: 0712 2742664

Wildlife Conservation and Rural Development Society
Address: Giradkar Wada, Mangalwari Peth, Umrer, Nagpur 441204
Phone: 0712 244916

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