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Yoga is one of the most popular fitness exercises followed in India. Yoga can be considered as a style of living and it was originated around 5000 years before in India. Yoga centers giving effective training in the yoga practice are commonly seen at all the cities in India. In the orange city of India, Nagpur, people widely chose the practicing of yoga as a part of their daily fitness routine. There are many yoga training centers operating in Nagpur with the legacy of decades. The yoga practice is becoming more and more accepted in Nagpur and other Indian cities, since it can be practiced by the people of any age. The effect of yoga on stress control and overweight also attracts a no. of people to the field of yoga every year. The list of some of the locations in the Nagpur city where yoga training is available given below:

The Art of Living Yoga Center in Nagpur

The art of living yoga center in Nagpur is a part of the educational and humanitarian movement founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the nineteen eighties. The art of living yoga center in Nagpur provide effective training in systematic stress management techniques to the people reside in the orange city of India. Meditation, breathing techniques, and yoga are the major stress elimination strategies practiced here. The activities of the art of living center in Nagpur could help so many people living in Nagpur to overcome their depression, anger and tensions. Men, women and children are included in the list of daily visitors to the art of living yoga center in Nagpur.
  • Address: C/O Naresh Patadia & Co, Opposite Ram mandir, Tilak Road, Mahal, Nagpur - 440002
  • Modes of payment: cash
  • Phone number:  9422114190, (0712) 2767063

Baidyanath Life Sciences Yoga Shrine

The Baidyanath life sciences in Nagpur is an ayurvedic clinic and one of the prominent locations in the city giving right training in the yoga practice. The Baidyanath life sciences offer relief to the people in Nagpur subjected to stresses and worries regularly. The guidance of the best and qualified trainers is assured here to the people approaching Baidyanath life sciences to learn yoga. The increasing no. of people to the Baidyanath life sciences is a symbol of the quality with which the yoga practices are trained here.
  • Address: 300-B, Chitnavis Marg Lane, Opposite to Hislop College, Civil Lines, Nagpur - 440001  
  • Phone number: (0712) 2551413, (0712) 2551553
  • Modes of payment: cash

Country Club Fitness center, Nagpur

It is one of the best fitness centers in Nagpur operating in the empress city mall. The center comes under The Country Club India, one of the renowned health clubs in India. The yoga training available in the Country Club Fitness center in Nagpur is the most demanded fitness program conducted here. There are so many people practicing yoga and other fitness treatments to lose the overweight here. The yoga trainers in this center are very much experienced and provide the instructions for healthy diet too.
  • Address: Shop No 211 And 212, 2nd Floor Empress City Mall, Near Gandhi Sagar Lake, behind the Railway Station, Nagpur - 440002
  • Modes of payment: Master Card, Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Card
  • Phone number: (0712) 6690406, 6609400

Hi Tech Yoga Academy, Nagpur

The Hi Tech Yoga Academy located in the Sadar Bazar in Nagpur city is a well known organization propagating the advantages of yoga practicing among the people live in Nagpur. The best training on ancient yoga practices are followed and taught here to bring the happiness and peace to each and every one attending the yoga training in the Hi Tech Yoga Academy, Nagpur. A calm and relaxing atmosphere has been created in the Hi Tech Yoga Academy, located in the middle of a busy city, to practice yoga comfortably.
  • Address: Behind Hi Tech Hospital, Near Gandhi Chowk, Sadar Bazar, Nagpur - 440001
  • Modes of payment: cash
  • Phone number: 7588691852

What’s My Solutions, Nagpur

It is a center providing comprehensive fitness solutions to the people live in Nagpur with life style related diseases. Over weight is found to be one of the most common health problems in Nagpur. The “What’s My Solutions” offers the solutions to the excess body weight and stress related issues by giving training in yoga methods. The “What’s My Solutions” Nagpur also helps the customers by providing the counseling services along with the training in meditation and yoga practices by the experts in relevant fields.
  • Address: 741, Behind S K Tower, Nelson Sqaure, Chhindwara Road, Nagpur - 440001
  • Modes of payment: cash
  • Phone number: 9373408343

Sahajyog Dhyan Kendra

The Sahajyog Dhyan Kendra in Nagpur helps people in finding the unexploited potential hidden within them. Irrespective of age, sex, and culture people practice yoga in the Sahajyog Dhyan Kendra. Yoga, the ancient fitness program is used here to enhance the mental and physical health of the people live in modern society. Separate yoga training for children is available in the Sahajyog Dhyan Kendra in Nagpur. The service and guidance of experts in yoga practice make Sahajyog Dhyan Kendra a reliable yoga center in Nagpur.
  • Address: Harihar Dharmashala, Harihar Mandir, Lakad Ganj, Nagpur - 440008
  • Modes of payment: cash
  • Phone number: 9028228423, 9420410349

Practicing yoga can be considered as the best option in the city of Nagpur to stay fit and healthy. There are so many yoga training centers actively working on all the days in the week here. The practicing of yoga can be helpful in bringing the physical health as well as the mental health. The chances for the physical injuries are also very less in yoga, when compared to other fitness workouts.

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